HACKER<#4+! Privacy Policy

Effective Date: April 01, 2024

Welcome to HACKER<#4+!!
Thank you for choosing HACKER<#4+!, the ultimate platform for connecting, sharing, and enjoying moments with your friends online. I am dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming, and fun environment for all my users.

Collection of Information
At HACKER<#4+!, I DON'T collect information of my users. 

Information You Provide: 
This includes ONLY the data you submit directly through account registration.

Automatically Collected Information: NONE
Information from Third Parties: NONE 

Use of Your Information
I DON'T use your information for any purpose!
I DON'T share your information with anyone!

I retain your registration information only for as long as necessary JUST to recovery your account using your e-mail.

Protecting Your Information
My priority is to protect your information against unauthorized access or disclosure. I implement robust security measures to safeguard your info.

Third-Party Services
I DON'T use third-party services on my platform.

Data Protection Officer
I have appointed a Data Protection Officer to ensure our continued commitment to privacy and data protection.

Local Privacy Laws
I comply with local privacy laws and regulations wherever i operate.

Changes to This Privacy Policy
I may update the Privacy Policy from time to time. I will notify you of any changes by posting the new policy on this page.

Contact Me
If you have any questions or concerns about Privacy Policy or data practices, please contact me.

This Privacy Policy outlines my commitment to protecting your privacy and handling your personal information with care. I appreciate your trust as you enjoy HACKER<#4+!.

Welcome to Our Privacy Commitment

At the heart of my services, your privacy and security are paramount. This Privacy Policy outlines my practices for NOT collecting, using, storing and sharing your personal information as you use my services. It's designed to be transparent and understandable, ensuring you know how i DON'T handle your data and what rights you have.

Our Commitment to Privacy
Valuing Privacy: I am dedicated to fostering a community where users can freely communicate, share, and enjoy in a safe environment. Upholding your privacy is fundamental to this vision.

No Selling of Personal Information: My operations are sustained through subscriptions and premium offerings, not by selling your personal data to third parties.

Information We Collect and Its Limits
Necessity and Minimalism: I only ask for the information required to set up your account, deliver our services effectively, fulfill our commitments to you.
A Safe Environment: I tirelessly working to maintain a secure community.

Empowering You
Control Over Your Privacy: I believe in empowering my users with the ability to control their privacy settings within HACKER<#4+!. This is part of our commitment to ensure that you feel secure and informed about how your information is handled.

My Promise
My approach to privacy and data protection is built on respect, transparency, and commitment to safeguarding your personal information. I am here to provide a space where you can connect, share, and create memorable experiences without compromising your privacy.
If you have any questions or need further clarification, I am here to help. Together, let's continue to make HACKER<#4+! a secure, enjoyable, and privacy-respecting platform.

Welcome to HACKER<#4+!: Your Premier Online Gathering Space

Creating Community, Connecting Friends

At HACKER<#4+!, my vision was clear from the start: to craft the ultimate online haven where friends could securely gather, communicate, and share unforgettable moments. Whether you're a member of a gaming squad, a hobbyist group, or simply cherishing connections with close friends, HACKER<#4+! streamlines the way you bond online.

A Universal Platform
Defined in Terms of Service, "services" encompass all the ways you can interact with HACKER<#4+!. 
Essentially, if your device can browse the internet, it can bring you closer to your community on HACKER<#4+!. 
Beyond the app, my ecosystem extends to a dynamic website, an informative blog, and a responsive support center. Future innovations? They're included as part of my services, too.

Content Sharing with Care
HACKER<#4+! empowers you to enrich your conversations in myriad ways, from direct messages to communal spaces. Sharing in larger groups, however, means your content could be visible to many, including those outside your immediate circle. It's vital to remember that access permissions are managed by server owners and admins — these settings can evolve. I leverage content in these shared spaces to refine and enhance HACKER<#4+!, introducing features that keep you up-to-date and safety mechanisms that mitigate risks. Our commitment to transparency means i strive to inform you about the nature of the spaces you're entering, though we can't oversee external sharing of invite links or changing server permissions.

Privacy at Its Core
My financial backbone is built on subscription models and the sale of both digital and sometimes physical merchandise. Selling your personal information? That's NOT my business. Your privacy is a cornerstoneDive into our Safety Center to understand our approach to content moderation and privacy protection better.

Choosing Your Experience
HACKER<#4+! invites you to tailor your online presence to suit your comfort level. Select the spaces, features, and settings that best align with your expectations. Your journey with us is not just about staying connected; it's about finding joy, security, and a sense of belonging in the vast digital landscape.

Welcome to HACKER<#4+! — where your community awaits.

Understanding the Information I Collect at HACKER<#4+!

In my mission to offer the best secure online space for friends to connect, HACKER<#4+! DON'T collects and uses your information. 
This Privacy Policy aims to clarify the data I DON'T gather, and how I DON'T used.

Information You Provide to Us
Account Information: Setting up your HACKER<#4+! account involves providing ONLY a username, password and email.

While I prioritize privacy I don't store messages (encrypted), video or voice call content.

Payment Information: When you opt for paid HACKER<#4+! services, secure payment processing is a priority. 
I work with reputable processors like Stripe and PayPal to handle transactions. 

Activity Insights: I DON'T gather data on how you use HACKER<#4+!, of any kind.

Information I Collect Automatically
Device and Usage Data: Every interaction with HACKER<#4+! ONLY provides data of your IP address. This automatic collection is crucial for optimizing and securing your experience.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies: I DON'T use cookies or tracking technologies on HACKER<#4+!.

Information from External Sources
I DON'T collect information from third-party sources.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

At HACKER<#4+!, your privacy and security are at the forefront of what I do. I'm committed to handling your information transparently and with care, offering you control over your data and how it's used. For more detailed information and to manage your privacy settings, i encourage you to visit the Privacy Center.

How HACKER<#4+! Utilizes Your Information

In the digital world, understanding how your information is used is crucial. At HACKER<#4+!, I am guided by a commitment to transparency and responsibility DON'T handling ANY your data. My practices are anchored in legal frameworks like the GDPR. 

Fulfilling Our Contract with You
Service Provision: Your account information is essential for creating and maintaining your HACKER<#4+! profile. This includes your username, password, and email address.

Community Commitment: Keeping HACKER<#4+! safe and positive is my priority. 

Communication: I use your information to secure and verify your account, notify you of crucial product updates, and inform you about your purchases.

Customer Service: Your queries and feedback are invaluable. I utilize to address any issues, provide support, and improve your HACKER<#4+! experience.

For My Legitimate Business Interests
Security: Protecting HACKER<#4+! means safeguarding your information. 

Performance Reporting: Your information helps my track HACKER<#4+!'s performance.

Service Improvement: Understanding how you interact with HACKER<#4+! guides my development of safer, more engaging features. This includes analyzing server structures to continually enhance the platform.

Advertising: I DON'T use your information for advertising purposes.

Compliance with Legal Obligations
Legal Compliance: I DON'T use your information for legal compliance purposes.
Marketing Communications: I DON'T use your information for marketing purposes.

At HACKER<#4+!, your privacy is not just a policy; it's part of my ethos. I offer you control over your data and transparency about how it's used, ensuring that your HACKER<#4+! experience is safe.

Disclosing Your Information: My Practices Explained

At HACKER<#4+!, I understand the importance of privacy and clarity on how your information is DON'T shared. Here's a detailed breakdown of the circumstances under which I DON'T disclose your data.

Upon Your Directive
User-Controlled Sharing: When you share content on HACKER<#4+!, you’re essentially instructing me to DON'T make it accessible. This accessibility is governed by the permissions within specific spaces, such as servers managed by their owners or admins.

Third-Party Integrations: I DON'T integrate with third-party services, ensuring that your information remains within the HACKER<#4+! ecosystem.

Transactions on HACKER<#4+!: If you buy or sell goods or services on HACKER<#4+!, I facilitate these interactions by sharing necessary information with the relevant parties to ensure smooth transactions and service delivery.

Through Our Partners
Vendor Collaboration: I DON'T collaborate with vendors to DON'T provide services to you.
Legal and Regulatory Compliance
Law Enforcement: Your information may be disclosed if legally required, including for national security or law enforcement objectives. 
Within Our Corporate Family
Affiliate Sharing: I DON'T share your information with affiliates or subsidiaries
During Business Transitions
Mergers and Acquisitions: I DON'T share your information during mergers or acquisitions.
Anonymized Data
Aggregate Information: I DON'T use your information for aggregate data analysis.

Your Privacy, My Priority

I am committed to handling your data with the utmost respect and care, ensuring transparency in my practices. 
This guide aims to provide clarity on how i DON'T manage and DON'T disclose your information, maintaining a trust-based relationship with our community.

Understanding Our Data Retention Practices

At HACKER<#4+!, I take the stewardship of your personal information seriously, adopting a thoughtful approach to data retention. Our policy ensures that your data is held only as long as necessary to fulfill the specific purposes for which it was collected, to provide our services effectively.

Principles of Data Retention
Purpose-Limited Retention: I DON'T retain your data for longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. This includes account creation, service provision, and legal compliance.

Data Retention Policy Details: I DON'T retain your data for any purpose.

Your Control Over Your Data
I recognize the importance of giving you control over your personal information. If you have any concerns about your data retention or wish to access, correct, or delete your information, please contact me for assistance.

My Commitment to Privacy and Transparency
At HACKER<#4+!, I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data protection. My data retention practices are designed to respect your privacy, ensuring that your information is handled with care and transparency.

Safeguarding Your Information: My Comprehensive Approach

At HACKER<#4+!, the security of your personal information is a top priority. I employ a robust, multi-layered strategy designed to protect your data from unauthorized access and ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Here's an overview of the key measures I take:

Encryption Techniques
In Transit: I use advanced encryption protocols, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), VPN, PGP and TOR to secure your data as it travels between your device and our servers. This ensures that all communications, including text and images, are protected from interception.

At Rest: I also encrypt data when it's stored on my servers, providing an additional layer of security against unauthorized access.

Access Controls
Technical and Administrative Measures: I implement strict access controls to limit who can view, modify, or delete your data. This includes role-based access controls, strong password requirements, and regular security audits.

Continuous Monitoring: I continuously monitors access patterns and permissions to prevent, detect, and respond to any unauthorized access attempts.

User-Enabled Security Features
My Commitment to Your Security
I understand that the digital world can pose various security challenges. 
That's why I am committed to employing best practices in information security, constantly updating our policies and procedures. Your role in maintaining the security of your account, such as by using strong, unique passwords, complements my efforts to protect your information.

Together, Keeping HACKER<#4+! Secure

I am dedicated to providing a safe and secure platform for our community. By combining my sophisticated security measures with your vigilance in managing account settings, we can work together to protect your information on HACKER<#4+!. If you have any questions about how I protect your data or how you can enhance the security of your account, please reach out me.

Navigating Your Privacy Controls on HACKER<#4+!

At HACKER<#4+!, I champion your right to customize your experience, including how you manage your privacy. By offering a range of privacy controls and settings, I empower you to tailor your HACKER<#4+! journey to suit your preferences.

Engage Wisely in HACKER<#4+! Spaces
Choose Your Spaces: The power of choice is yours. Decide where to engage, whom to connect with, and what information to share. Be mindful of public spaces, like servers in Server Discovery or those with public invite links, where your content is openly accessible.
Tailor Your HACKER<#4+! Experience
Customize Settings: Your User Settings (accessible via the gear icon next to your username) are the gateway to personalizing your HACKER<#4+! journey. Here, you can manage how you appear to others, from displaying your current activity to filtering content and managing friend requests.

Control Data Processing: I DON'T provide options to manage data processing, as I DON'T collect or process your information.

Account Management
Disable or Delete Your Account: Within User Settings, you have the freedom to either temporarily disable your account, halting new data processing, or permanently delete it. Deleting your account removes personal identifiers and anonymizes data.
Content and Server Management
Edit or Delete Your Contributions: You retain the ability to modify or remove messages, content, or entire servers and channels, provided you have the necessary permissions. While we strive to respect your decisions.
Accessing Your Information
Request Your Data: Curious about the information HACKER<#4+! has collected? I DON'T provide a data request feature, as I DON'T collect your data.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

Empowering you with control over your privacy settings is just one way we commit to your security and satisfaction on HACKER<#4+!. Together, we can ensure your HACKER<#4+! experience is both enjoyable and aligned with your privacy expectations.

Navigating International Data Transfers at HACKER<#4+!

Understanding the global nature of my services, HACKER<#4+! is committed to managing and safeguarding your information with the utmost care, regardless of where it's processed or stored. Our headquarters are in the United States, and we utilize servers both within the U.S. and across various other countries to ensure the seamless delivery of our services to a global audience. This section outlines how I handle international data transfers and the steps I take to protect your privacy across borders.

Data Processing and Storage
Global Operations: I DON'T process or store your information.

Understanding Consent: By using HACKER<#4+!'s services, you acknowledge that your information will be processed and stored in the Netherlands.

Ensuring Data Transfer Compliance
Safeguarding Measures: For data transfers from the European Economic Area (EEA), we adhere to standardized legal frameworks, including the use of standard contractual clauses (Module 1 and Module 2). We also rely on adequacy decisions from the European Commission or other lawful mechanisms for data transfer, ensuring compliance with stringent data protection standards.

Framework Participation: HACKER<#4+!, along with its U.S.-based entities and subsidiaries, is a participant in the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Frameworks, as well as the UK extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework. These frameworks underscore our commitment to handling data from the EU, Switzerland, and the UK according to established privacy principles.

Your Rights and Resources
Feedback and Complaints: Should you have concerns about our adherence to the Data Privacy Framework principles, I encourage you to contact me directly at bruno@hacker.engineer. For unresolved complaints, you have the option to engage with JAMS, a free-of-charge alternative dispute resolution provider.

Regulatory Oversight: I am under the regulatory jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, ensuring accountability in my data transfer practices. Additionally, in cases of data transfers to third parties outside of the EU, Switzerland, or the UK, HACKER<#4+! could be held liable should any issues arise.

Further Information
For a deeper dive into the Data Privacy Framework principles, please visit the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Data Privacy Framework website. This resource offers comprehensive insights into the principles guiding our international data handling practices.

At HACKER<#4+!, your privacy transcends borders. I am dedicated to implementing robust measures to protect your information, no matter where in the world our services reach you.

Enhancing Your HACKER<#4+! Experience with Third-Party Services

Collaboration with Integrity
Adherence to Standards: I DON'T collaborate with third-party services on HACKER<#4+!.

Transparency in Data Handling: I DON'T collect or share your information with third-party services.

Selective Data Access: I DON'T provide third-party services access to your data.

Empowering User Choice
Control at Your Fingertips: I DON'T offer settings to manage third-party services, as I DON'T use them.

Navigating Third-Party Interactions: I DON'T provide guidance on engaging with third-party services, as I DON'T integrate them into HACKER<#4+!.

Your Experience, Enhanced and Secure

At HACKER<#4+!, your privacy and security are paramount. By NOT collaborating with third-party services, I ensure that your data remains protected and that your HACKER<#4+! experience is both enjoyable and secure.

Connecting with Data Protection 

Ensuring the security and privacy of your data is a cornerstone of my service at HACKER<#4+!. To uphold these values and adhere to global data protection regulations, I have established dedicated channels for you to reach out with any data protection inquiries or concerns.

HACKER<#4+!’s Data Protection Officer
Direct Communication: For any issues, questions, or advice regarding data protection, you are welcome to contact HACKER<#4+! HACKER ENGINEERING Data Protection Officer directly at bruno@hacker.engineer. My officer is committed to ensuring your data privacy and addressing any concerns you may have.

Navigating Local Privacy Regulations on HACKER<#4+!

In an increasingly connected world, understanding your privacy rights is paramount. HACKER<#4+! is committed to transparency and compliance with global privacy laws, including the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Brazil's Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD), and California's Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). These laws govern how we collect, use, and safeguard your information, and we've outlined our practices in detail throughout this Policy. For more tailored information, including state and region-specific disclosures, we invite you to explore the dedicated sections below.

Empowering You with Control
Direct Management: As highlighted in the "How to Control Your Privacy" segment, HACKER<#4+! empowers all users with the tools to manage their data. This includes editing or deleting personal information and adjusting how we process your data.

Access: I Don’t provide a data request feature, as I DON’T collect your data.

Reach Out with Questions or to Exercise Your Rights
Contact Me: Should you have any inquiries about your privacy rights or need assistance in exercising them, I am here to help. Please contact me at bruno@hacker.engineer for support.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

At HACKER<#4+!, I'm dedicated to upholding your privacy rights. I encourage you to take full advantage of the controls available to you, ensuring your HACKER<#4+! experience is both enjoyable and aligned with your privacy expectations.

Keeping You Informed: Updates Privacy Policy

As HACKER<#4+! evolves, so does my commitment to your privacy. I periodically update our Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our practices or in response to legal requirements. Below is how we keep you informed and involved in these updates.

Staying Updated
Publication Date: Each revision of Privacy Policy will include the date of the last update, allowing you to easily track changes.

Notifying You of Significant Changes: For substantial modifications, I'll ensure you're well informed, either through direct email communication or by prominently showcasing the updates within my services.

Reaching Out to Me
Your Inquiries: Should you have questions about our Privacy Policy or how we manage your information, i encourage you to contact me at bruno@hacker.engineer. I am ready to assist with any concerns or queries you may have.

Your Trust, My Responsibility

I understand the importance of your privacy and are dedicated to maintaining your trust through transparency and responsiveness. Whether it's a question, a concern about your data, or feedback on my Privacy Policy, I'm here to ensure your experience with HACKER<#4+! is secure, informed, and respectful of your privacy preferences.