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Shared Hosting
E-MAIL Encrypted

E-MAIL encrypted is a secured private email service with end-to-end encryption to secure your communications, it's ensures no one (not even We, Hackers & Engineers) can access your e-mails.

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VPN Connection

Our VPN encrypt your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, all your data stay safe, your are 100% protected, no one can see what are you doing, your brother, your friends at work, hotels, conferences or public wifi.

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Using our PROXY service your internet will be much more secured. All your internet web traffic is scanned automatically to find virus, malwares, ransomwares and others kind of malicious softwares and attacks. You can choose block Porn sites too!

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I am pleased to introduce HACKER<#4+!, the first and only chat in the world that uses PGP encryption for message and files exchange, guaranteeing an unprecedented level of security in the world. Not to be confused with ChatGPT, although it looks similar, our PGP is even better!

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AI Smart Bot's

Smart bots powered by artificial intelligence like OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 use advanced algorithms to understand and generate human-like text. These bots can engage in conversations, answer questions, and perform tasks through written dialogue.

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Having an artificial intelligence like OpenAI's ChatGPT integrated with a command line interface (CLI) for verifying all commands and their outputs (stdout) offers several advantages.

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Shared Hosting
BACKUP Encrypted

Our BACKUP service provide security against attackers and provide confidantiality, integrety and disponibility of your data. Even if your backup was stolen or compromise nobody will be able to see the data.

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SITE Hosting

HOSTING your site with us, you will not only have a safe place to share contents. And if you don't have a domain, you can choose many hosting domains. By default, your site is protect from XSS, SRSF, CSS, JS, and SQL Injection

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ALIAS Forward

ALIAS service was created to you who wants to have an e-mail encrypted with a PGP automaticaly and send to another e-mail account 100% secured. And dispited the securety you can choose many fancy hacker & enginner domains.

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Download Android Version ONLY


.1st True E2EE Group Chat in the World
.PGP Instant Group Messaging Encryption (openpgp)
.PGP File Transfer Encrytion (openpgp)
.End-to-End Encryption Messages and Files (e2ee)
.TOR Onion Server Network (server hidden)
.TLS (client/server) Encryption Connection (tls_chacha20_poly1305_sha256)
.Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ecc)
.PGP Key Passphrase (4096 bits)
.BrainPool Elliptic Curve Cryptography Family 512 bits (brainpoolP512r1)
.No logs, no db (memory only), no tracking, no history, no ads or analytics (100% privacy)
.No registration or personal information required (100% free)
.Don't need create/upload/manage PGP keys, the app take care of everything (100% easy)
.AI Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT-4 and DALL-E-3 Embedded (OpenAI)
.PGP Keys, Certificates and Passwords Saved in Memory Only (no disk)
.Hacker News Feed (Slashdot)
.Random Nickname Generator (faker)

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Instant Group Messaging Encryption is a method that uses the OpenPGP standard for securing group communication over instant messaging services. OpenPGP is an open and non-proprietary protocol based on the PGP software, which provides cryptographic privacy and authentication through the use of keys owned by each user. In group messaging, this would mean that each message sent within the group is encrypted with a unique session key, and only members of the group who possess the corresponding private keys can decrypt and read the messages. This ensures that the contents of the communication remain private among the group members, and cannot be read by outsiders or the service provider.

We doesn't just protect your browsing traffic, we also protect your DNS queries. By routing your DNS queries through the encrypted tunnel and not relying on third-party DNS providers, we ensure that your browsing activity cannot be exposed by leaks from DNS queries.

PGP File Transfer Encryption using the OpenPGP standard is a secure method for encrypting files that are being transferred between systems. This method utilizes public-key cryptography, where a user has a public key, which can be shared with anyone, and a private key, which is kept secret. When a file is encrypted using the recipient's public key, it can only be decrypted by the recipient's private key. This ensures that the file remains confidential during transfer, and only the intended recipient can access the content. The encryption protects against interception and unauthorized access during the file's transit over insecure networks such as the internet. OpenPGP is widely used for securing email communication, but it can be applied to file transfers as well, providing a high level of security for sensitive data.

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) for messages and files ensures that data is transmitted securely from one endpoint to another, making it unreadable to anyone except the sender and the intended recipient. When a message or file is sent, it is encrypted before leaving the sender's device. The encrypted data travels through various intermediaries like servers and networks, remaining encrypted the entire time, until it reaches the recipient's device, where it is decrypted for reading or use. This encryption method uses cryptographic keys that are only in possession of the sender and recipient, ensuring the privacy and security of the data. E2EE is commonly used in messaging apps, email communication, and file transfer services to protect sensitive information from eavesdroppers, hackers, and even the service providers themselves.

The Tor network, known for its strong privacy features, can also host chat servers that operate through its hidden service protocol. These servers are often referred to as "onion services" because their addresses end with ".onion" and they are accessible only through the Tor browser. An onion server for chat is configured to be part of the Tor network in such a way that its information — including its physical location and IP address — is hidden, providing anonymity to both the server operators and its users. Communications to and from the onion chat server are routed through the Tor network, with layers of encryption at every node in the network, much like the layers of an onion, which is where the network gets its name. This setup provides a high degree of privacy and security for users who want to communicate in a way that is resistant to surveillance and censorship.

TLS 1.3 is the latest version of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which is used to encrypt data sent over the internet to ensure a secure connection between a client and a server. TLS 1.3 has made several improvements over its predecessors, including reducing the number of round-trips required to establish a connection, thereby speeding up the handshake process, and discontinuing outdated cryptographic algorithms to enhance security. The reference to "TLS ChaCha20 Poly1305 SHA256" specifies a cipher suite, which is a combination of encryption, key exchange, and hash algorithms used to secure a network connection. In this case:
- ChaCha20 is an encryption algorithm that provides confidentiality.
- Poly1305 is used for message authentication, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the data.
- SHA256 is a cryptographic hash function in the Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2) family, used for additional data integrity checks.
- TLS 1.3 with ChaCha20-Poly1305-SHA256 is thus a configuration that uses these specific algorithms to secure data transmissions, offering a high level of security and performance, particularly on devices that do not have hardware acceleration for other algorithms like AES.

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is a form of public-key cryptography based on the algebraic structure of elliptic curves over finite fields. ECC allows for smaller keys compared to non-ECC cryptography (like RSA) while providing equivalent security. It operates by using points on an elliptic curve and the mathematics behind their addition to generate public and private keys. In practical terms, ECC is widely used in various applications like SSL/TLS for secure web browsing, cryptocurrency wallets, and secure email. It offers a higher strength-per-bit than classical systems, meaning that it can achieve similar levels of security with much smaller key sizes, leading to faster computations, lower power consumption, and reduced storage requirements.

A PGP key passphrase is a form of password protection used to secure private PGP keys. When you generate a PGP key pair (which consists of a public key and a private key), you have the option to protect the private key with a passphrase. This passphrase must be entered by the user whenever the private key is used to decrypt data or sign messages. A 4096-bit key refers to the length of the key and is a measure of the security it provides; longer keys are harder to crack. A 4096-bit key is considered very secure by modern standards. The passphrase adds an extra layer of security in case the private key file itself is somehow compromised. Without the passphrase, the private key file is useless.

The Brainpool Elliptic Curve Cryptography family is a set of elliptic curve domains, which are standardized for use in cryptographic applications. The BrainpoolP512r1 curve is one of these standardized curves, with a bit length of 512 bits. This particular curve provides a very high level of security and is intended for environments requiring strong protection. The 'r1' in 'BrainpoolP512r1' denotes that it is a "random" curve, meaning the parameters were chosen in a verifiably random and transparent manner to avoid any hidden weaknesses. The use of such curves is common in secure communication protocols and systems that require robust defense against potential cryptographic attacks.

"No registration or personal information required (100% free)" indicates that a service or application can be used without creating an account or providing any personal details like your name, email address, or phone number. It means that the service is accessible immediately upon use, with no barriers to entry or requirements to submit personal data. Additionally, "100% free" suggests that there are no costs associated with using the service—no fees, subscriptions, or payments required at any point. This model is often used by services that want to promote privacy and ease of access.

In an application that automates the creation and management of PGP keys with a "100% easy" approach, the user is spared from the technical complexities typically involved. Here's the simplified process:
- Automated Key Generation: When a user starts the app for the first time, it automatically generates a PGP key pair (private and public key) in the background without user intervention.
- Seamless Key Distribution: The app might automatically share the public key with other users or a central repository, making it available for others to use for encryption.
- Transparent Encryption/Decryption: Whenever the user receives or sends a message, the app automatically encrypts or decrypts the content using the appropriate private or public key.
- Key Management: The app handles all aspects of key management, such as key expiration, revocation, and storage, typically using secure elements in the user's device.
- No Manual Uploads: The user does not need to manually upload keys to servers or exchange them with others, as the app takes care of these processes.
By removing the need for manual key handling, such applications make the use of PGP encryption accessible to a wider audience without the need for technical knowledge of cryptography.

In an application that automates the creation and management of PGP keys with a "100% easy" approach, the user is spared from the technical complexities typically involved. Here's the simplified process:
- Automated Key Generation: When a user starts the app for the first time, it automatically generates a PGP key pair (private and public key) in the background without user intervention.
- Seamless Key Distribution: The app might automatically share the public key with other users or a central repository, making it available for others to use for encryption.
- Transparent Encryption/Decryption: Whenever the user receives or sends a message, the app automatically encrypts or decrypts the content using the appropriate private or public key.
- Key Management: The app handles all aspects of key management, such as key expiration, revocation, and storage, typically using secure elements in the user's device.
- No Manual Uploads: The user does not need to manually upload keys to servers or exchange them with others, as the app takes care of these processes.
By removing the need for manual key handling, such applications make the use of PGP encryption accessible to a wider audience without the need for technical knowledge of cryptography.

HACKER<#4+! Messenger is designed to be compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Android, macOS, iOS, and even legacy systems like MS-DOS.

OpenAI's ChatGPT-4, when embedded in a chat interface like an internet messenger or a platform like HACKER<#4+!, can serve various functions. Here's a rundown of how you might use it:
- Conversation and Interaction: You can interact with ChatGPT-4 in a conversational manner, asking questions, seeking advice, or simply chatting. The AI is designed to respond in a human-like way, making the interaction engaging.
- Information Retrieval: ChatGPT-4 can help you find and summarize information from a vast knowledge base it was trained on, up to its last update in April 2023. You can ask it for explanations on a wide range of topics.
- Problem-Solving: If you encounter issues or need to troubleshoot something, the AI can provide step-by-step guidance based on best practices and its understanding of common solutions.
- Learning and Education: The AI can assist with learning new concepts, explaining difficult subjects, or providing examples and analogies to help you understand complex topics.
- Entertainment: It can generate stories, jokes, or even come up with games to play, providing entertainment and a way to pass the time.
- Programming Help: For platforms like HACKER<#4+!, where many users may be programmers, ChatGPT-4 can offer coding assistance, debug code snippets, or discuss programming concepts.
- Creative Assistance: The AI can help generate ideas, write creative content, or provide feedback on written work.
- Language Translation: It can translate between languages, making communication easier on international platforms.
- Accessibility: ChatGPT-4 can make technology more accessible by offering an intuitive conversational interface that may be easier for some users than traditional UI elements.
By integrating ChatGPT-4 into a chat platform, users gain a versatile tool that can enhance their online experience in many ways, from improving productivity to simply having a fun conversation.

Integrating OpenAI's DALL-E 3 into a chat platform like HACKER<#4+! could significantly enhance the user experience by providing the ability to create complex images from textual descriptions directly within the chat interface. Here's how it could be used:
- Visual Aid: Users can generate images to aid in explanations, whether they're discussing concepts, demonstrating ideas, or sharing creative thoughts that are easier conveyed through visuals.
- Custom Emojis and Stickers: DALL-E 3 could create personalized emojis or stickers on the fly, allowing for a more expressive and unique chatting experience.
- Educational Illustrations: When explaining educational content, DALL-E 3 can provide illustrations to accompany explanations of difficult concepts, making learning more interactive and engaging.
- Creative Collaboration: For discussions that involve design, art, or creativity, users can collaborate in real-time, using images generated by DALL-E 3 to visualize concepts or iterations of creative projects.
- Debugging Assistance: In tech-related chats, users can describe a problem and use DALL-E 3 to generate an image of what they think is happening, which can help in diagnosing issues or explaining them to others for assistance.
- Enhanced Storytelling: When sharing stories or creating narratives, DALL-E 3 can be used to create visual scenes, characters, and settings, enriching the storytelling experience.
- Prototyping: For discussions around product design or development, DALL-E 3 can quickly generate visual prototypes based on descriptive inputs, facilitating brainstorming and iteration.
- Memes and Humor: Users can create memes or humorous images in real-time, adding a layer of entertainment and fun to the conversations.
- Language Learning: In language learning contexts, visual aids can be incredibly helpful, and DALL-E 3 can provide images that help explain the meaning of words or phrases in different languages.
By embedding an AI-powered image generation tool like DALL-E 3 into a messaging platform, users are empowered to enhance their communication with visual content, making interactions more vibrant and multifaceted. It can foster a more immersive and engaging chat experience, blending the richness of visual content with the convenience of text-based messaging.

Migrate your Inbox

Make us your default e-mail and domain provider

Hacker Engineer

Secure your online privacy with VPN

You have online rights, use them

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Fell Free

We believe privacy and security are fundamental human rights, Unlike other VPNs, there are no catches. We don't serve ads or secretly sell your browsing history.

Easy to Use

The best security tools in the world will only protect you if used correctly and consistently. We have extensively simplified the VPN interface to make it as intuitive as possible – so you can stay protected every day, hassle free.

Fast VPN Speeds

A 10 Gbps server network combined with our unique suite of VPN technologies can improve speeds by over 400%. The advanced network TCP flow control algorithm we utilize provides unparalleled performance and connection stability.

Defenses Agains Email Attacks

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People are the weakest link in any security system, which is why we have added several layers of defense against social engineering attacks and human error. Best of all, these features don’t require any extra steps. Your inbox is secured by default.

Phishing is one of the most common ways hackers gain access to data, typically by tricking users with emails designed to look like they come from a trusted sender. PhishGuard helps defend against phishing attacks that use Proton Mail accounts by flagging potentially spoofed email addresses and clearly marking them in your inbox.

We use advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect sophisticated attacks launched against specific accounts. This allows us to proactively warn you if your account is being targeted or automatically secure your account if we detect that an attacker has successfully compromised your account.

It can be difficult on mobile devices to tell if the link you’re tapping actually points to the URL you think it does. Link protection is a feature in Proton Mail for web, iOS, and Android that displays the full URL and requests additional confirmation from you before opening the link.

With Proton Mail, encryption and decryption are fast and efficient thanks to elliptic curve cryptography. Unlike RSA cryptography, which uses extremely large numbers to achieve high security, ECC can provide the same level of security with less computational power, saving you time and battery life.

Proton Mail supports Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which helps prevent others from sending emails from your domain, and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), which ensures that the contents of your message have not been tampered with. We also offer DKIM automatic key rotation. Finally, Proton Mail uses Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) to prevent abuse emails from being sent to other servers if your email address has been spoofed and fails either SPF or DKIM.

We store your messages with zero-access encryption. We encrypts and decrypts your emails on your device, so no one can read your messages except you and your intended recipients. When you send an email to another account, your messages are secured with end-to-end encryption.

Stop governments from accessing your emails
Protect yourself against mass surveillance from government agencies like the NSA by using a private email provider like we. We don’t have access to your email messages, so we can’t hand them over to any government agency.

Keep your personal data safe
Unlike other email providers, we don’t hold the decryption keys for your emails. This means that your messages can’t be decrypted, even if our servers were hacked. If you use Proton Mail, you’re less vulnerable to email server hacks like the Microsoft Exchange hack of 2021.

Our solutions comes with advanced tracking protection by default to stop companies from snooping on your email activities with invisible trackers. You can control whether companies know if you opened their marketing emails.

An ad-free inbox
We are funded by subscriptions to our paid plans, not by invading your privacy and serving you advertisements. Unlike other email services, we have no motivation to use your data to deliver surveillance-based advertising in your inbox.

Why choose Hacker Engineering

Below we list some advantages of choosing Hackers & Engineers


You are encrypted under the VPN connection, you are encrypted under the e-mail SSL/TLS connection and you are encrypted under the PGP cryptography.

VPN Network

You are safe inside the VPN Hacker Engineering Network, all your traffic is encrypted. Discover all the benefits to be under our protection. You are safe to navegate in the internet.

Proxy Caching

You can use our proxy to speed up your already hidden encrypted connections. All cache of the sites and images of the sites you access is already cached, speeding up your internet access.


Using our proxy caching server you can choose to block pornography connections and keep your family safe. You don't need to worry about what is outside.

TOR Onion

Yes! We are connected to the TOR Onion network. You can access our services (email, proxy, xmpp, vpn, ...) over TOR Onion network!


Your connections is automatically firewalled under the VPN. Nobody can access your computer, even if he is already compromised.


We're here to secure you with whatever you need. Don't exitate to contact us You can use XMPP too.

No tracking

When you are connected to the VPN, your provider, your company, cannot tracking or sniff your connection, everything is encrypted. Our servers is configured to avoid all logs.


Your connection is safe out of USA. Everything you do exit to the internet in Amsterdam. When you connect the VPN or use our Proxy, is like you are in Amsterdam!

Fun and Profit

You can choose many domains to best expreess your purposes, for fun or profit. No matter what is your goals, we are here to protect you.


Pretty Good Privacy. All e-mails come with a PGP key to protect not only your e-mails, but you can use the same PGP key to protect documents, any kind of files, Bitcoins and etc.


No matter what computer, laptop, cellular, operational system, E-mail Client, Outlook, Thunderbird, K-9, Windows, Android, Mac, Iphone, FreeBSD or Linux, our solution works on all platforms, you will be secured everywhere, anywhere, anytime. Our solutions feets all technologies.


Don't worry about your IP, we hide for you. We expose our IP to protect yours from the Internet. Nobody can knows where you are or who are you in the world. You can be at the moon!


Our domain name servers are configured with the lastest security technologies. Your e-mails are protect from spammers and scammers, we use DNSSEC, DKIM, DMARC and SPF.


We choose the most secure operation system in the world to host our services. All servers are running under the OpenBSD. We choose security first, and second we choose the security, and third security, and so on.


Whatsup, Telegram, Facebook, Twiiter, ..., all this techonologies are compromised already and don't offer end-to-end encryption. We have our own solution, we have our own secure IM Message solution, we use encrypted XMPP.


Our emails servers not only encrypt your emails but have the capability to scan all emails you send and receive to serch for vírus, spam, malwares, files suspicius and ransonwares.


You can talk and see your friends under the VPN network 100% secure! Nobody will know you are talking or doing a video call with your bodies! No big brother here!

DNS Leak

Your provider, your company or even your brother hacker who lives under your house will never know what sites you are browsing, messaging, calling, talking, ... Everything is encrypted under the VPN, you and what you are doing are completely hidden from everybody.


Nobody can censor you or your connections Nobody can block you. Nobody knows what you are doing, you are hacker engineer, you are hidden like a ninja.


We provide hacking, engineering, security and tech news over e-mail and directly in our message solutions. We broadcast messages related with security to you to be up-to-date about what is going on.


Your e-mails is secured with our daily backup. Our backup is encrypted using your own PGP key with 4096 bits. Only you can open the backup.


We can forwaed all e-mails to another e-mail account outside our servers, like Gmail, Hotmail, Business, ..., encrypted with your own PGP key. Nobody will see your e-mails! Never!


You can talk with your friends security under VPN. We have a Hackers Enginneers Group where you can meet other professionals and people anytime you want! Whatsup and Telegram groups never more! Let's chat privately!


Don't trust the hosting company are you using? So do we! You can use all services using your own domain(s).


We love Mutt! The best e-mail client on the planet! We will share our config with you to you to have your cool hacker e-mail client. You can use under the VPN or under the TOR network, encrypted and securely.

Security Tools

We provide many security tools to you take care of your computer, your connection and your network, including personal alerts. We will give tips and tricks too!

Digital Signatures

To sign a message, the sender uses their private key to create a digital signature. The recipient can then use the sender's public key to verify the signature and confirm the authenticity of the message.


Fun and Profit

Choose the best E-mails domain to express your online personality.


Are you a Hacker? Are you a Engineer? Or are you a hacker and engineer?


Are you a Red Team? Are you a malware hunter? Are you a biologist? Are you a low level programmer? Bug hunter?


Are you feel like a CyberPunk?


Are you the best of the best engineer? Like the engineer boss? The patron?


Are you a very bad engineer? Like to burn?


Are you a radio frequency engineer? Are you like radio stuffs? Are you a radio amateur? Like to broadcast?


Are you a reverse engineer? A bug bounter? Like to reverse things? Then you need a .re email.


You like to have a fun e-mail? We are here for fun and profit! :)


You like to have a fun e-mail? We are here for fun and profit! :)


Do you thinkg this host defines your online personality? Want to have an email like you@cyberpunk.hacker.enginner?


Do you thinkg this host defines your online personality? Want to have an email like you@phreak.hacker.enginner?


Do you thinkg this crazy host defines your online personality? Want to have an email like you@reverse.hacker.enginner?


Our private engineer domain! Only works under the VPN! Good to have a 100% of secure communications with your hackers engineers friends! 100% hidden from the world! No .com or .anything! Your e-mail is you@ENGINEER


Our private hacker domain! Only works under the VPN! Good to have a 100% of secure communications with your hackers engineers friends! 100% hidden from the world! No .com or .anything! Your e-mail is you@HACKER


Our private me domain! Only works under the VPN! Good to have a 100% of secure communications with your hackers engineers friends! 100% hidden from the world! No .com or .anything! Your e-mail is you@i

AI Shell ChatGPT Embedded

Why use AI Shell?

AI Shell ChatGPT Embedded
Real-Time Commands and Outputs Intepretations

The integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT with a command line interface (CLI) represents a significant advancement in the usability and functionality of traditional command line environments. In this integrated system, ChatGPT serves as an intelligent intermediary between the user and the CLI, providing real-time assistance and feedback.

AI can analyze commands before execution, identifying potential errors or dangerous commands. This preemptive checking can prevent system damage or data loss.

ChatGPT can help users with the correct syntax of commands, especially beneficial for complex or infrequently used commands.

The AI can interpret the stdout of commands, translating technical output into more understandable language, which is especially useful for users who are not experts.

If a command does not execute as expected, ChatGPT can assist in debugging, suggesting potential fixes or alternative approaches.

By reviewing commands, the AI can identify and warn about potential security risks, such as commands that might expose sensitive data or compromise system security.

Over time, the AI can learn the user's preferences and usage patterns, offering more personalized assistance and improving efficiency.

For users writing scripts, ChatGPT can verify each line of the script, ensuring that the entire script is safe and effective before execution.

A selection of operating systems to choose from

Our products and services allow you to select your preferred Operation System

Windows 11 Logo
Windows 11
Linux Logo

MacOS Logo
Mac OS
Android Logo
Iphone Logo
Raspberry Logo
Raspiberry Pi

Our VPN is available on all your devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and even routers. A secure Internet connection that you can trust is essential to maintaining your privacy on your laptop at home, your mobile device on the road, or your workstation at the office. Our VPN has native apps for all plataforms.

AI Smart and beautiful Robots (BOT's)

They are Inside

ChatGPT Logo HACKER<#4+! Logo Discord Logo Signal Logo WhatsAPP Logo MIRC Logo Telegram Logo WWW Logo MSDOS Logo OpenBSD Logo FreeBSD Logo Windows Logo


Smart bots powered by artificial intelligence like OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 use advanced algorithms to understand and generate human-like text. These bots can engage in conversations, answer questions, and perform tasks through written dialogue. They leverage a vast amount of data and sophisticated language models to process and respond to user inputs in a natural, contextually appropriate manner. ChatGPT-4, as an iteration of these models, is designed to be more interactive, capable, and specific in its responses, providing a more nuanced understanding and generation of text based on the input it receives. These AI bots are used in customer service, virtual assistance, entertainment, and more, offering scalable and efficient interaction..

Smart bots equipped with AI capabilities like OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 can analyze logs in real-time to identify errors or warnings. They work by continuously scanning log files generated by systems or applications, using machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies, patterns, or specific issues such as system failures, security breaches, or performance bottlenecks. Upon identifying an issue, these AI-driven bots can often provide solutions or recommend actions to rectify the problem, thanks to their extensive training data and advanced understanding of language and coding patterns. This can greatly reduce the time it takes for human operators to diagnose and fix issues, leading to increased efficiency and potentially minimizing downtime in critical systems.

An AI-embedded shell command line utilizing OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 would function as an intelligent interface that accepts traditional shell commands and uses the AI to analyze the standard output (stdout) for errors and potential improvements. It would work with a variety of operating systems that support command-line interfaces, such as Linux, Windows (CMD and PowerShell), and Unix-like systems like OpenBSD and FreeBSD. When a command is executed, the AI would review the output in real-time and provide feedback, suggestions, or corrections. This can aid in debugging, optimizing system performance, and enhancing user commands. The AI could also learn from the command patterns to offer more contextually relevant advice over time.

Smart bots using OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 can serve as intermediaries between users and various internet messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. These bots can be programmed to perform a wide array of functions:
- Translation in Real-Time: They can translate messages between different languages as they are sent and received, allowing users to communicate across language barriers.
- Content Moderation: They can monitor conversations for hate speech or other unwanted content and take actions such as alerting moderators, deleting messages, or providing warnings.
- News Delivery: Users can request the latest news, and the bot will fetch and relay the information in the chat.
Such bots can greatly enhance the functionality and user experience on messaging platforms, making them more accessible, safer, and informative..

A bot powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 Turbo can engage users in numerous entertaining interactions to enhance their experience and provide value. These bots can generate creative content, such as jokes, stories, and games, or engage in witty banter. The AI's advanced capabilities allow it to understand and generate contextually relevant responses, making interactions feel more natural and engaging. By doing so, the bot can keep customers entertained, improving their satisfaction and helping to build a positive relationship with the service or brand.

DALL-E 3, a model developed by OpenAI, brings several benefits for users who are interested in generating images through an AI interface. Users can create highly customized images that may not exist in the real world. This is particularly useful for artists, designers, and creative professionals who need to visualize concepts that are difficult to sketch or find in image databases. It can be used as an educational tool to help students and enthusiasts understand the relationship between descriptive language and visual representation. For users, the ability to transform words into images using an AI like DALL-E 3 means they can achieve a broad range of tasks, from the practical to the imaginative, in a manner that is both time-efficient and cost-effective.

ChatGPT-4, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, provides numerous benefits for coding and programming through AI-assisted tools. ChatGPT-4 can write code in various programming languages, which helps users quickly generate code snippets, scripts, or even entire programs based on the description provided. It can help identify errors in code and suggest corrections, which saves time and effort, especially for those who are new to programming or learning a new language. The model can suggest ways to optimize existing code for better performance, readability, or adherence to best practices. For users, the capabilities of ChatGPT-4 to understand and generate programming code mean that they can achieve greater efficiency in their coding tasks, enhance their learning experience, and lower the barrier to entry into the world of programming.

It enables users to communicate with others who speak different languages, breaking down one of the most significant barriers to global interaction. Real-time translation allows for immediate understanding and response, which is crucial in many settings, such as customer service, negotiations, or when traveling. Businesses can expand their reach into non-English speaking markets more easily, offering their services and products to a global audience without language constraints. For travelers, real-time translation can significantly enhance the travel experience, making navigation, dining, and interacting with locals more manageable. For users, the integration of smart bots with real-time auto-translation services like Google Translate means the ability to interact, learn, and access information across language divides with unprecedented ease and speed.

The integration of smart bots powered by AI technologies like OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 to centralize conversations from multiple channels across various servers and countries offers substantial benefits for businesses. Having a single source of truth for customer interactions, inquiries, and feedback can significantly streamline customer service and ensure that no information is lost or overlooked. Centralization saves time for employees who otherwise would need to check multiple platforms. It also reduces the risk of duplicating work or missing out on important messages. Businesses can engage with customers in different regions in their local languages and dialects, then translate and centralize the data for consistent service and analysis. For businesses, using smart AI bots to integrate and centralize communications across multiple channels and countries means more efficient operations, better customer service, richer data for decision-making, and ultimately a stronger competitive edge in the marketplace.

Utilizing AI-powered bots like ChatGPT-4 for market research can revolutionize how businesses collect and analyze data, offering a multitude of benefits. Bots can conduct surveys across various platforms simultaneously, reaching a broader audience quickly and efficiently. hey enable real-time feedback, allowing businesses to make timely decisions based on the most current data. Bots can tailor questions based on previous answers, leading to more personalized and relevant data. They can collect data around the clock without time constraints, ensuring that feedback is not limited by time zones or business hours. AI can integrate data from different sources and channels, providing a comprehensive view of the market. Advanced AI can understand and quantify sentiments expressed in feedback, giving businesses insight into the emotional response of their market. Chatbots can provide an interactive way for customers to give feedback, often leading to more engagement and detailed responses. For marketing businesses, leveraging AI bots for market research means more effective data collection, richer insights, and the ability to act swiftly on the latest market trends, all while being cost-effective and scalable.
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Tor Anonymity Network

Tor is free, open-source software for enabling anonymous communication. When you connect to the internet via Tor, your internet is routed through a worldwide, volunteer network of relays that conceal your location and activity from anyone trying to monitor you.

Why use Tor?

Using Tor to access Proton is optional, but in some situations it may bring additional security benefits. Instructions on how to use our Tor encrypted email or Tor encrypted file storage access can be found here(new window). More information about how Proton uses Tor to protect your privacy can be found here(new window).

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Keep in mind

Using Tor does come with some downsides. Tor connections typically deliver much slower and less reliable performance than a standard internet connection.

Even without using Tor, Our's services are secured with end-to-end encryption, secure authentication (SRP), and optional two-factor authentication. Most people will not need to use our Tor encrypted email or Tor encrypted file storage access. However, if you are an activist in a sensitive situation, our onion site provides an extra layer of anonymity and protection.

Plataforms Compatibility

Tor is available for all operational system and all phones.




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Founder/CEO Bruno Hacker Engineer

Hacker Engineering was founded by BRUNO TARANTO, located in Silicon Valley (California) in order to provide the State-Of-The-Art in Information Security for its partners and customers, for Hackers Engineers. BRUNO TARANTO is a Hacker and Engineer, has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, a Radio Frequency Engineering Certification from University of California San Diego (UCSD), incomplete Master Degree (unfortunately) in Applied Electromagnetism (Military Institute of Engineering) and a long (25 years) Cyber Security Engineering Career. Starting his career as SysAdmin of his own Internet Dial-Up Provider and responsable for others 2 Internet Dial-Up Providers, one of them the biggest at the time (20 years ago). Proud to have been the Internet Manager in his birth State, responsible for the entire State's Internet Infrastructure. Worked as security engineer in telecom company, the biggest, with millions of customers, was resposible for thousands of VPNs, site-to-site and client-to-site. With strong knowledge and experience with the biggest security players and solutions in the world, including CISCO, CheckPoint, Fortinet and BlueCoat, which he has the Symantec / Bluecoat (CheckPoint) X-Series Certificated Specialist. Pioneered in Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing in telecommunication companies, in the late 1990s, and working as Security Engineer to the biggest companies in the world.

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Hacker Engineering is a hosting company that offers security hosting services, like email, vpn, site, internet messenger, proxy and many other services to keep you and your business safe.

We are committed to providing the State-Of-The-Art in Information Security. We will be happy to help you solve your security problem or boost your security online business..

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